You want to be Beautiful and Youthful?
Do you believe beauty and youth starts with health and nutrition from the inside?
Great looking skin and a svelte figure are never just about the genes you’ve inherited, but what your now feeding your body, and therefore influencing the genes you’ve inherited!
Potions, lotions and beauty products can help.  Some brands are fabulous and certainly have their place in your maintenance programme.  But, they are still a Band-Aid solution against ageing.
What you’re looking for (I suspect) is a holistic approach… the kind that goes deep down, affecting your very cells from within. 
Trouble is, we live in a toxic world, mostly in broken bodies, with a messed-up medical system boot, desperate to stay young and on top of our game. Perpetuated by an driven by social media where our role-models are air-brushed, nipped and tucked to perfection. 
Fortunately we are now experiencing a tidal wave of change.
We’ve needed a new approach for some-time, to  reclaim our inner beauty & longer-lasting youth in a wholistic self-responsible way.
And that is EXACTLY what is happening. 
Everyone is jumping aboard as the Healthy Living Movement picks up speed – people are talking about food, farming, toxins, exercise, and alternative remedies and treatments.
And for those of us who are on trend, it shows up in our skin, figures, energy, even a youthful tendency reflected through attitude to life.
For those who are new to the wellness industry however, this trend toward health, super-foods, even being a super svelte mum and indeed ‘having it all!’ can feel like a pie in the sky! or at least be a little daunting.
Where do you even begin?
The good news is I have been walking this road both in the home and as a wellness industry consultant for over 20 years.
And I can promise you, I walk my talk.  Well before it became fashionable to be drinking green smoothies and eating Ella powerballs .

Simply put, I have always looked within before considering my skin!

In our house-hold we consider what goes on – on the inside’ before ever applying stuff on the outside!
… creams, lotions etc.

My name is Anna Baudrain and I am a Naturopathic Nutritionist with over 20 years experience in the health and wellness industry.  In clinical practice I specialise in chronic health conditions.  However, this year I felt I wanted to do things  a little differently.  My focus has always been on Restoring Health, but What If in 2018, by working with those like yourself, people who already feel pretty damn good, I help you to consider Health and therefore Longevity & Youth-full-ness in a Whole New Way. 

Simply put, I want to take You to the Next Level.

Firstly, I need to let you know that I advocate Detoxification as a Lifestyle choice. Some of us are Canaries in the Coal-shaft, meaning that we are greatly affected by Environmental pollutants, more greatly so that others. 

In this way, Ageing is one by-product of being sensitive to toxicity.  

Secondly, all of my Age-Less Recommendations, Techniques and therefore webinars are based upon appropriate levels of detoxification and biological restoration to count-act

Stress and therefore Ageing.

Thirdly, my course is Thorough.

It’s the real Deal.

It’s working on Yourself.

If you are into Quick Fixes,

… this course isn’t right for you.

If you’re chasing for Instant Satisfation, without investing time in your health and self, 

… this course isn’t right for you.

If you’d rather gloss over and cover up signs of stress and ageing, and not sort out where things are getting stuck on the insider, 

… this course isn’t right for you.

What Are You Waiting For?

  • Transform your skin by eating nature’s antioxidants boosting your innate ability to built in recycling systems

  •     Learn the benefits of hydrating your skin through the foods you eat.  

  •     Pamper and cleanse with Naturopathic techniques.

  • Cherish your liver. It’s taking care of you 24/7

  • Learn to see life through Rose Tinted Glasses. 

  • Grow your telomeres, reversing biological ageing.


  •     Spend less money on beauty products, you won’t rely on them as much!

  •     You’ll grow in confidence, and your clothes will fit better.

  •     You’ll feel better than you have in a long time.


For those of you who want to make a significant difference to your body and health
Making YOU the priority this year, in 2019
  • Invest in a six week immersion, learning about age-defying nutrition. Delivering in-depth topics that cover every angle of beauty nutrition.
  • Notice the difference by week three (or get your money back), and get the chance to swat up on the latest scientifically proven, age-enhancing nutritionally related facts, tip and tricks.
  • Find your tribe, within a private Facebook group. Share your concerns, struggles and of course your wins.

    NEUTRACEUTICALS: skin elasticity and supporting collagen for a younger looking skin: Which nutratceuticals give you age-defying skin.

    PHYTONEUTRIENTS: Phyto is the Greek word for plant, meaning that the word phytonutrient (also known as phytochemical) literally means a ‘nutrient from a plant’. Research is revealing that these compounds, responsible for giving plants their colour. Phytonutrients have numerous health benefits throughout the body, including our skin! 

    Examples of what you will learn within this course module: Antioxidants/Carotenoids /Flavonoids -found in citrus fruits, berries, ginkgo biloba, red onions, pulses, tea (especially white and green tea), red wine and dark chocolate/polyphenols—anthocyanins, tocopherols and tocotrienols—that aid in the reversal of and protection from UV-mediated skin damage/ORAC score and fruits found in nature, shown to quench free radicals known to cause skin damage/Lycopene/MSM/Collagen.


    Dehydrated skin, does NOT only mean that we are not drinking enough water. 

    CELLULAR HYDRATION: The difference between drinking water and thinking we are hydrated and actual cell hydration, when our cells are able to hold water efficiently.

    The role of fats and phospholipids found in food.  

    HYDRATION, THE GUT & HYDROPHILIC FOODS: The gut is otherwise known as the Reservoir of hydration in Naturopathic terms.  Only when we consume hydrophilic foods, do we invite sufficient water into our bodies, and hydrate.

    The role of chicken stock, smoothies and fresh juices.

    Examples of what you will learn within this course module:  which foods hydrate the body / which foods re-stack the lipid membrane and repair cell membrane damage / which foods do long-term, and sometimes irreversible damage to your cells / how you can use your nutribullet to get hydrophilic drink into your dehydrated body and super-charge you for the day. 

  • Naturopathic Self-Love

    Your skin is a drainage pathway!!

    Ugh!! What does THAT mean?  It’s true.  Your skin eliminates toxins, and this is completely normal.

    Therefore by improving all of your OTHER drainage pathways, this then takes the stress and pressure off Skin from being one of the main routes of elimination.  By supporting skin also, you can enhance it’s ability to rid your body from internal toxins.  Win-win! 

    Learn how to bring ENERGY to all areas of stagnation and fatigue within your body, supporting your body’s drainage pathways. 

    Examples of what you will learn within this course module: skin brushing / the power of different types of sauna / peat mud baths & where to buy them / cleansing the gut  through right food and cleansing practices.  


    It’s so important to both understand your liver, it’s functions, what it actually does for your entire health and well being.  And then LOVE your liver.

    Liver work’s like a horse for you, day and night 24/7.  Cleansing house from unwanted exogenus and internal toxins. Shifting hormones, mobilising energy, and basically dealing with a multitude of assaults you might choose to throw at it, as well as the inevitable assaults resulting from digestion and living per se. 

    So my feeling is, the least you can do in return is learn to understand, and then nurture your liver accordingly. 

    What this can mean is, providing liver with the right nutrition in the form of protein / AKA amino acids.  Love your liver with the right naturopathic self-care techniques.  And then, take as much stress off your liver as you feasibly can.

    The good news is, your liver is incredibly forgiving. Therefore 9 times out of 10 it WILL repair.  

    Examples of what you will learn within this course module: Liver pathways/nutrients that support cleansing/naturopathic practises that support liver cleansing/juicing/your detox diet.  


    Turn back your biological clock by eating those foods which can lengthen your telomeres.  Telomeres are the biological marker for our ageing.  The cool thing is certain foods will lengthen your telomeres, whilst others will shrink them!  What happens where your telomeres shrink?  Simply put – we age.

    Stress also shrinks our telomeres. Giving us two areas of self-responsibility to take the reigns over our youthful verses ageing self.  

    Examples of what you will learn within this course module: Foods that support telomere growth and a red flag food list of those foods which age us the fastest.  Practical kitchen advice in the form of smoothies and recipes. Positive mind set coaching, choosing to value our life as cup half full vs half empty.  Introduction to the various self help tools for positve mind set.


    Learn about Environmental pollutants and the radical cascade.

    Environmental pollutants as well as electrical pollution is everywhere.  Babies who were recently  tested in the US were found to have a staggering 232 foreign pollutants within their umbilical chords. Bisphenol A (BPA), a plastic component and synthetic estrogen were among the 232 found. BPA has been implicated in a lengthening list of serious chronic disorders, including cancer, cognitive and behavioral impairments, endocrine system disruption, reproductive and cardiovascular system abnormalities, diabetes, asthma and obesity. Where to environmental pollutants come from? The answer is everywhere.  But especially where women are concerned, since we like the anti-ageing creams, lotions, an polishes. 

    Nail polish for instance, you’d probably think of as perfectly harmless?  After all, it’s marketed to us as safe and fun.  However studies show a toxin found in polish can lead to hormone imbalance, weight gain, and reproductive disorders! And it’s not even mentioned on the label.  

    Examples of what you will learn within this course module: Steps you can take to protect yourself from these noxious modern day stressors. Learn about which products are safe, and those you need to be cautious of.  

Go For It … 2019 Is Your Year!!